Bitcoin Pricing

The service is carried out by WBW EBIT TRADE S/B to bring value to WBW members by using either e-Shares/R-shares/GrabPoint to subscribe to our professional Bitcoin Managed Fund.

1. We named this fund as Bitcoin Managed Fund Apr17 (BMF17APR)
2. BMF17APR is open for subscription now and close at 15APR2017.
3. BMF17APR will start to be traded from 16 Apr 2017 onwards by WBW EBIT.
4. One member/account can subscribe multiple units.
5. Monthly and quarterly trading performance of BMF17Apr will be published on webpage. Performance indication will be published in index form. BMF17APR will be started as index 1.00. Trading performance above 1.00 means it is in profit mode, trading performance below 1.00 will indicate drawdown. (example: 1.30 means 30% gain)

6. WBW members is agreed to bind a 1 year lock up period. 30% profit sharing on trading profit will be imposed on subscribed accounts on monthly basis.
7. Profit dividend policy will be payout on quarterly basis aka 30June2017, 31Sep2017, 31Dec2017 in BTC form to every subscriber. Full amount of initial subscribe value and final interim dividend will be pay out at 15APR2018.
8. BMF17APR is a BTC fund and subjected to maximum risk of 35%. If the damage is exceeded 35%, EBIT is responsible for any excess damage.
9. Every subscription unit is rated at 125USD.
10. Subscribers must ensure that they will have Bitcoin account ready to receive the Bitcoin payout. Who ever do not know how to operate bitcoin account may obtain assistance from

No. Fund Name Entry Price Current Price Percentage
1 BMF17APR 1 1.24 24%