Security Technology

Top Rated Security

We adhere to the latest security technology for all users.

Bitcoin Security

Security is our top priority for all users.

WBW BIT operates with a 90% cold storage policy. All our client bitcoins are received, stored and sent out from within multiple underground vaults which maintain the same security standards as the Bank of England. WBW BIT is the first bitcoin exchange to hold all client bitcoins in Multi-Signature Pay 2 Script Hash (P2SH) cold storage. Our system has been built such that no single person, server, vault location or device failure could compromise the integrity of client bitcoins.

No client bitcoins are ever stored on a server, ensuring that in the unlikely event that an attacker gains complete access to any of our online servers, our client bitcoins would not be compromised. WBW BIT is providing company-owned bitcoins to fund the Advance Withdrawals service, allowing users to withdraw up to 2 bitcoins without waiting for a cold storage withdrawal. As a result of our 90% multi-signature cold storage policy, bitcoin withdrawals over 2 bitcoins take place up to 3 times a day during business hours. We believe that this slower withdrawal speed is worth the peace of mind that comes from knowing no client funds are ever accessible in a hot or warm wallet.

Banking infrastructure

We have solid and established banking relationship locally.

WBW BIT holds client fiat funds in a client funds account at the reputable bank. As banking relationships are a high priority for any Bitcoin company, we maintain accounts with several other banks to avoid any downtime to WBW BIT's services. In all cases, the banks are fully aware of the nature of our business. We are actively seeking to add further payment options through ongoing research and development, partnering with innovative payment providers and lobbying government and banking institutions.